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August 1-3 2016

URTeC 2016

San Antonio, TX

Mexico's Tithonian Pimienta Shale: Potential for Unconventional Production

Daniel Jarvie and Albert Maende Download Presentation
August 12-14 2015

URTeC 2015

Denver, Colorado

Pyrolysis and TOC Identification of Tight Oil Sweet Spots

Albert Maende Download Presentation
June 3 2015

AAPG 2015 Convention

Denver, Colorado

Comparison of Source/Reservoir Rock Petroleum to Produced Petroleum Composition

Daniel M. Jarvie, Energy Institute/Worldwide Geochemistry
June 1 2015

AAPG 2015 Convention

Denver, Colorado

Using XRF, SEM and Pyrolysis for an Economic Appraisal of the Marcellus Formation of Western Pennsylvania for Fracking Purposes

Co-Author: Albert Maende, Wildcat Technologies, LLC Download Poster
March 4-7 2012



Components and Processes Impacting Production Success from Unconventional Shale Resource Systems

Dan Jarvie, Energy Institute at TCU, LLC, Brian Jarvie, Geomark Research Rock Lab, Albert Maende and W. David Weldon, Wildcat Technologies, LLC Download Presentation
January 11-13 2012

Emerging North American Shale Gas Plays

Denver, Colorado

Bakken Shale Presentation

Albert Maende Download Presentation