HAWK-PAM - Reservoir Characterization


What is it?

A new way of analyzing your core and cuttings samples with different pyrolysis parameters that utilizes multiple ramps and zones to breakdown the S1 component into Oil-1 through Oil-4. S2 is has been relabeled to K-1 to reflect the better kerogen achieved through this method.

This chart lays out the method with the petroleum fractions identified though each parameter:

This method will help you to estimate oil in place and rate the producibility of your Unconventional prospects. By properly classifying your samples oil and kerogen, it eliminates the S2 shoulder carryover that is sometimes reported with classical pyrolysis method.

This shows a typical pyrogram report from HAWK-Eye software. This software allows you to color code and classify your different zones.

Why should you use this method?

  1. Estimate mobile oil
  2. Quantify volatile oil, black oil, asphaltene and other petroleum fractions
  3. Accurately measure maturity of kerogen
  4. Predict the API Gravity of your mobile oil