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HAWK-Eye software

Search Results

Dynamic Sequence

Customize reports

Our software is database
driven allowing instantaneous
retrieval based on your criteria,
all data always available
any time
Designed with the ease
of entry and customization.
Efficiently setup and analyze
data with advanced features.
The report generator allows
complete customization of
your data. Export to HTML,
PDF, CSV or a template.

Schedule your analyses

Includes user licenses

Direct access to experts

Keep your HAWK running on
your schedule, our sequence
builder gives you the
information you need to run
Sequence & results can
be completed away from the
HAWK on a user computer.
Whether your question is
technical or scientific, our
team is here when you need


Efficiently setup and analyze data with advanced features

  • Powerful configuration for sequence building
  • Visualize analysis in real-time
  • Database driven application allows instantaneous data retrieval based on your criteria - all data always available any time.
  • Stores background information for each analysis - signals, gas flows, calibration and method information
  • Single and multi point calibrations
  • Multi-ramp sequence design (like HAWK-PAM)
HAWK Software Sequence buiding
  • Filter through your data with extensive options - date, method, keywords, depth, result parameters
HAWK software search results


Easy report customization with templates.

Set it up once, save it and easy export to your own report format. Save multiple report customizations.

Reporting is available in multiple formats including - HTML, PDF, CSV and template support.

Choose all the result information or streamline the data to include in your reports - results, signals, gas flows, temperature.

HAWK software report creation

Get a software-like experience with your report.

Creating a HAWK Dynamic Report gives software functionality to a dataset in HTML file format - overlay multiple results for further review and comparisons, view precise data points and information on the pyrogram.

View an example Dynamic Report here.

HAWK Dynamic Report HTML