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All Application Notes regarding pyrolysis, HAWK, Kinetics and Geochemistry
Upcoming Talks given by Wildcat Technologies employees or consultants: Albert Maende and Daniel Jarvie
Papers that have been published by Wildcat employees or consultants that relate to Geochemistry and pyrolysis.
Source rock evaluation definitions used to determine hydrocarbon potential and reservoir quality obtained by source rock analysis (pyrolysis). Parameters obtained from source rock evaluation analyzers such as HAWK Pyrolysis and other rock evaluation instruments.
Request form for Daniel Jarvie's Permian Basin presentation from HGS Luncheon January 24, 2018.
HAWK-PAM pyrolysis method utilizes multiple ramps and zones to estimate mobile oil, quantify petroleum fractions, accurately measure maturity of kerogen and predict the API Gravity. Reservoir assessment in Unconventional and Conventional systems.