Wildcat Technologies started in 2010 with an idea to revolutionize laboratory and well-site pyrolysis instrumentation for the oil and gas industry. With the introduction of the HAWK Pyrolysis and TOC Instrument, Wildcat has developed the most accurate and reliable pyrolysis instrument available.

Currently, Wildcat is working on adding more capabilities to their instrumentation through hardware improvements and software enhancements.

In addition, applications support has become a huge part of Wildcat's mission. HAWK-PAM and API Gravity on drill cuttings & cores is just the start of what we are working towards in developing further applications.

Learning, researching and supporting customers and participating in the geochemical community is very important to us.

We also provide support and parts for legacy instrumentation such as the Delsi Rock-EvalĀ® II and OSA instruments.

Our Team

David Weldon


Julie Jones

Operations Manager

Albert Maende

Applications Geochemist / Geologist

Jared Stewart

Instrumentation Specialist
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